Bad Contractor Is Doing Poor Job Repairing My Home After A Kitchen Fire

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Don’t Get Burned Twice!

Didn’t listen to my insurance company – hired a guy my coworker recommended!

Question for Joe

Joe, I hope you know, because I am at my wits end. I had a kitchen fire about 7 months back and did not listen to my insurance companies recommendation of who to hire and hired a guy that my coworker recommended. Long story short, the job is still not done and when has been completed is done 1/2 donkey. I am kind of stuck now as to what to do, so any suggestions or help you could give me would be appreciated.

Chesterfield, MI

Joe’s Answer

Joe Says

Shannon, in the words of Charlie Brown, “UGH”

First things first, just because your insurance company recommended a contractor, does not guarantee that you will get a better job or that the contractor would have finished it like you wanted it. When I read your question, I just wondered, Did she at least check the contractor’s references? Did she check them out online? Does she have a legitimate contract? Okay, now I am sounding like your parents, sorry about that.

Here this is how I would handle it:

• You need to have a mandatory meeting with your contractor and also have witnesses. Prepare a list of your concerns and items in the home you are unhappy about.

• Listen to the contractors reasoning of each item, write down explanation and then set dates next to each item as to when they will be completed and what he needs to do to complete them. Then, both of you sign it.

• Let the contractor know that no more money will be given until these items are completed.

• Let the contractor know that you want daily communication either by text, email or phone on of the specific tasks that what will be taken place in your home. Also, inform the contractor you will be re-evaluating their performance and progress after one week. Let the contractor know that you will take action if you are not satisfied within the first week.

• Now, if nothing changes and no progress is made, you did your best to give the contractor a chance to make it right. Then, you will need to stop work and inform contractor that you will be hiring an attorney and send the contractor a letter. At that point, your attorney will have to give you further advice.

• I hate lawsuits and most times no one really wins. However, you might not be left with any more choices. Next time, call CONSTRUCTEAM for advice on your claim and if any work that needs to be completed we will be happy to help you.

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Joseph P. Cipriano Jr.

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