Am I Breathing Mold Right Now?

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Am I Breathing Mold Right Now?

Is there mold in the air? Am I breathing mold right now? The simple answer is: “Yes, you are breathing mold RIGHT NOW.”

There is mold in the air just about everywhere: outside, in your home, in your car, and in your office. If you’re taking a breath right now, you’re likely breathing in a small amount of mold. Sounds delicious, right?

Fortunately, it’s not dangerous to inhale this mold. We all breathe it in every day, and we have been since we were born. We can’t all move about life in a protective plastic bubble, so thankfully our bodies are able to handle the small amount of mold we inhale with each breath.

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How do we know there’s mold in the air?

We know the air we breathe contains mold thanks to environmental testing by mold professionals. Say you have an environmental testing company visit your home to test for mold. They’ll take air samples from several areas inside your home, and a comparative sample from outside your home.

In an ideal situation, these readings will show that the air inside your home has similar or lower levels of mold than the air outside.

“Both indoor and outdoor airborne mold levels vary throughout the year. Mold levels tend to be significantly higher during the summer months than they are during the winter,” says David Varcoe, Senior Project Engineer at Performance Environmental Services.

Varcoe says this variation is due to the warmer temperatures and higher humidity in summer.

Do I need to do anything about mold in the air?

Having read this, you might be wondering, “What do I do about it?” Realistically, you probably don’t need to do a thing! If mold levels in your home are lower than the air outside or about the same, you should be okay.

On the other hand, if the mold levels inside your home are higher than those outside, you may have a mold issue. The good news is that the mold-testing professional who found the higher readings will likely have identified the mold issue while testing the air.

I have mold in my home, but not just in the air!

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