Can You Save Carpet After A Flood

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Delaminated Carpet Splitting Apart From Backing

Can you save the carpet after a flood? This is a common question asked by those who have suffered a flooded basement or another type of water damage. Before deciding whether to clean and dry your carpet or replace it entirely, ask yourself the following questions.

How long was the carpet wet?

If the carpet was wet for longer than 72 hours, you should consider replacing it – particularly if it has padding underneath. You don’t HAVE to replace it, but after 72 hours, the conditions for mold growth are greatly enhanced, and it will require a very thorough cleaning.

If your carpet remains wet for too long, it can become delaminated and split into two pieces. You’ll want to dry your carpet as quickly as possible to prevent this, and walk on the wet area(s) as little as possible.

If you have padding under your carpet that was affected by water, it should probably be replaced. Carpet padding is very hard to dry and clean.

What kind of flood water affected the carpet?

Was the water that affected the carpet clean or dirty? Was it from a fresh water source such as a sink, or was it dirty and/or contaminated water? If the water came from a Category 3 source (toilet backflows, sewage backups, etc.) then the carpet must be removed and replaced.

If you’re not sure, the best thing to do is call a water damage restoration company. They’ll determine what kind of water it was, and give you a professional opinion as to whether it should be cleaned or replaced.

If your carpet padding was affected any water, clean or dirty, it should probably be replaced.

Can I replace my carpet padding without replacing my carpet?

If you just need to replace the carpet padding, you can usually remove and replace it without having to replace your carpet. You’d just need to lift your carpet, roll it up to move it out of the way, replace the padding, and then re-lay the carpet.

If you don’t have any experience with removing/replacing carpet, it’s likely best to have a professional do this for you. If you damage the carpet in the process of pulling it up, you’ll end up having to replace it along with the padding. Sometimes it’s not possible to pull up the carpet without damaging it.

What companies can dry my carpets?

As we always do with these sorts of cases, we’d recommend calling a professional to inspect, dry, and clean or replace your carpet after a flood. The problem you may be facing is, there are no “Carpet Drying” companies out there. So who do you call?

First, look into water damage restoration companies. They should be properly equipped, trained, and certified to handle any water or flood issue you may have. They’ll also inform you of any other areas of your home which may have been affected by the flooding.

If you can’t find a water damage restoration company, call a carpet cleaning company. They should be equipped to clean and dry your carpets. Just make sure that both the company and the technician who will be working at your home are certified by the IICRC.

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