Constructeam Has Updated It’s Customer Surveys

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CONSTRUCTEAM Has Updated It’s Surveys

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds, possibly even THOUSANDS, of surveys back from our clients. The results are almost entirely unanimous: our clients love CONSTRUCTEAM! We’re truly proud to be able to have successfully served and helped so many people. Think we’re exaggerating the number of completed project surveys we’ve received? Come into our showroom, and on the coffee table in the waiting area are two of the thickest binders you’ve ever seen – both filled to the brim with letters and surveys from extremely satisfied clients.

In the spirit of continuously advancing with the newest and latest technologies, we’ve made a big change for 2016. Our trial and error period has ended, and we have now officially made digital versions of all of our surveys. Whether you’ve suffered from water or fire damage, or you choose us for your custom remodeling project, you can now let us know how you felt about your experience right here on our website.

Some of you may recognize these surveys, as we did some testing in the final months of 2015. However, we’re proud to say that we’re now live with all digital surveys. We still maintain paper copies for those of you who prefer filling them out by hand. Now though, as soon as you click the submit button on one of our new surveys, it immediately is sent to our servers and emailed to key people in the company. Why you ask? So that we can get your feedback as soon as you send it. We’ll appreciate the love, but we’ll also be able to immediately act on any concerns or criticisms you may have.

We live in a fast age, and if you have an issue we want to address it immediately. We also want you to know that you can get in touch with us any way you want. Whether you call us, email us, text us, Tweet us, message us on Facebook, or fill out a digital survey, we’re here for you 24/7 to hear what you have to say.

Click one of the links below to check out our new surveys, and feel free to let us know what you think here in the comments section.

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