Constructeam’s Contents Cleaning Glossary

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Bubble Wrap: Plastic which is used to protect contents packed into boxes during the pack out, moving, and pack back.

Climate-Controlled Storage: A storage facility which allows for controlling the temperature to ensure contents aren’t damaged by excessive heat or cold.

Contents: Personal property or belongings within a house or building. Contents are typically the things which are not directly connected or fastened to the house or building.

Contents Cleaning: Cleaning of contents which have been affected by fire, smoke, water, flooding, mold, or another cause of contamination.

Contents Coverage: The extent to which the homeowner’s policy covers the cleaning, handling, and temporary storage of contents.

Contents Manipulation: Moving, relocating, and handling of furniture and other contents. These items are typically relocated so that cleaning, repairs, or restoration can take place in a specific area of the property.

Contents Storage: The process of storing contents until the affected house or building is cleaned, repaired, and restored.

Decontamination: The process of removing mold, mildew, allergens, and other hazardous substances from contents.

Deodorizing: A process of removing smells and lingering odors from contents.

Non-Salvageable Items: Items which cannot be cleaned or restored, and should be disposed of.

Pack Back: The process of returning cleaned contents to the affected house or building once it has been cleaned, repaired, and restored.

Pack Out: The process of photographing and inventorying contents, packing them up, and removing them from the affected property.

Packing Paper: Paper which is used to protect contents packed into boxes during the pack out, moving, and pack back.

Salvageable Items: Items which are able to be cleaned or restored.

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