An Example of Floor Protection & Containment

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An Example of Floor Protection & Containment

Cardboard Containment Chamber Front View
Negative Air Containment Chamber Setup
Basement Contents Covered In Plastic Protection

Why is Floor Protection and Containment So Important?

How would you like to hire a contractor to remodel your home, only to have him walk his dirty boots right over your new carpet? Or a laborer carrying out a bag of construction debris unintentionally bump into your freshly painted walls?
This is why floor protection, wall protection, and containment can be so important during construction. It can prevent a single mistake or incident of accidental damage from ruining your perfect renovation.

Mold Remediation Door Containment
Mold Remediation Hallway Floor and Wall Protection
Stairway Wall and Floor Protection

Containment and Protection Setup in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

We were called to a beautiful home in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. The basement was affected by significant water damage, and was also contaminated with mold growth.

While our technicians were working solely in the basement, they would need to travel through the foyer and the hallway upstairs to access the work area. On top of that, the client was very concerned about workers causing accidental damage to her home. In particular, she worried about a beautiful chandelier that hung from the ceiling in the foyer, worried that workers might bump it with equipment or materials.

To protect our client’s property, our technicians implemented a containment chamber and extensive floor and wall protection. Normally, in this situation, containment would be setup at the top of the stairway, preventing any construction debris or microbial spores from traveling into the non-affected areas of the home.

To meet our client’s desires, our technicians actually constructed a containment chamber that encompasses the entire hallway, with a heavy plastic barrier sealing off each adjacent doorway.

Cardboard Containment Chamber Top View
Inside Cardboard Containment Chamber
Cardboard Barrier Protecting Chandelier

Going Above and Beyond With Cardboard Protection

Furthermore, while floor protection – and sometimes light wall protection – would be standard, our technician’s exceeded our client’s expectations by implementing full wall protection with cardboard sheeting, and even created a temporary ceiling in the foyer. This ceiling was directly below the chandelier, such that technicians could enter and exit the property without any potential damage to the delicate light fixture.

To be clear, not every project requires this level of protection. However, to alleviate any concerns this client may have had about the protection of her home, Constructeam’s technicians went above and beyond to ensure that she was comfortable with the work taking place in her home.

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