A Letter From Our CEO

Read a Personal Letter Written by CONSTRUCTEAM‘s Founder and President: Joseph P. Cipriano, CR

Thank you for taking the time to review the information in our website. There simply is not enough space for me to express my passion for CONSTRUCTEAM as a company, my dedicated and hardworking team, and the restoration industry that keeps on giving in good times and in bad. For the last 26 years I have served as a tradesman, builder, trainer, speaker, and business consultant, during which I’ve learned many lessons. A lot of those lessons came with a big price both personally and professionally. Now having said that, I truly believe that the success of CONSTRUCTEAM has been born out of the many years of combined experience in the different industries that brought me here today.

CONSTRUCTEAM was created in 2005 in the midst of a transformation in the Michigan economy. The real estate market was falling off a cliff, there was a mass exodus of manufacturing, and unemployment was on the rise. I was limping out of the new construction industry as it was going into extinction. Hurricane Katrina just came ashore a couple months earlier and the stage was set for a new focus.


CONSTRUCTEAM was created on a very lean budget, with one minivan with limited equipment, one project manager, one salesmen, one laborer, and a ton of experience and the willingness to build from the ground up and founded on one core simple principle, “Always do what you say you are going to do, even if it hurts”. That one person was, me. I wore every hat and with the help of my amazing wife I was ready to reinvent myself and the restoration industry.

It is now 2020 and literally thousands of successful projects have enjoyed the CONSTRUCTEAM experience. As a result, we now have a strong fleet of trucks and all the equipment we need, a full service emergency response department, highly qualified project managers, field supervisors, estimators, administrative personnel, 3,000 sq ft. design center complete with home designers, cabinet designers, a chief financial officer who makes sense of it all, hundreds of approved contractors, and a superior restoration software system that allows us to keeps track of all of it in our 20,000 sq ft headquarters in Fraser, Michigan.

Yes, we are an overnight sensation that took 26 years to happen. One of the great things about working at CONSTRUCTEAM and being a part of this great company is that I still have my hand or my personal attention on every project, I know where everyone is and why, who is happy and who is not both internally and externally. I live with an undying passion for this business and have a precise vision for the future with my beautiful wife and three kids at my side. Thank you for considering the CONSTRUCTEAM experience and I am always one phone call away for any question or concern you might have about our service or people.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Joseph P. Cipriano, CR

Certified Restorer – CEO and Founder of CONSTRUCTEAM Inc

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