About Us

CONSTRUCTEAM is a full-service water, mold, fire & storm damage restoration company. Our doors opened for business in 2006. Since then, we’ve put in the hard work required to grow, year after year. We now run an entire fleet of vehicles, multiple teams of property damage restorers, and a full design center in our Fraser, MI office.


When you find water in your basement, we’ll be there in an hour to take care of it. Our team will remove the water, dry your home or business, and move fast to prevent potential mold growth. If we do find mold, our experienced remediation team will contain it and remove it before it can spread throughout your home.


When your home or business suffers a fire, you should call 911. As soon as the fire is put out, you should call CONSTRUCTEAM. We’ll secure the building and board up doors and windows to prevent thieves and trespassers. We’ll work directly with your insurance company, helping you navigate through a complicated situation to minimize delays caused by paperwork and confusing processes.


When your home or business suffers damage from a storm make sure everyone is safe. As soon as you know everyone is safe, you should call CONSTRUCTEAM. We’ll secure your home and help you begin the restoration process. We work directly with your insurance company to help you navigate your claim. We also have an extensive Design Center that can help you visualize your restored building.


When you find mold in your home or business DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF. Call CONSTRUCTEAM. Our mold remediation team will contain the mold and remove it without the spread of spores that can spread or even affect your health.

Design Center

Visit our 3,000 Sq Ft Design Center and learn what your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home could look like!

Call Our 24 Hour, 7 Day a Week Emergency Hotline at (866) 372-1272