Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair & Restoration

Storms can cause extensive damage to your home or property. Some damage is direct, such as wind blowing shingles or siding off of your home, or rainwater flooding your basement. Other damage is indirect, such as a tree falling onto your property, or a lightning strike causing a fire which spreads to your business.

CONSTRUCTEAM‘s professional storm, wind, and hail damage restoration team can help. We are trained, experienced, and will treat your home and property with respect throughout the entire process. We’ll act fast to prevent any additional damage that may occur – such as rainwater pouring in from a hole in your roof – and we’ll prepare all of the proper photos and documentation your insurance company requires should you decide to file a claim.

Step 1

As soon as we receive your call, email, or contact via our website, we’ll immediately send out one of our Lead Responders or schedule a time to meet you at your storm damaged property at your earliest convenience. Not in town when the storm damaged your home or business? No problem. We’ll handle everything while keeping you informed throughout the process, send you a fax or email with any paperwork that needs to be signed, and take photos for you as the project progresses.

Step 2

Once the Lead Responder arrives on-site, he or she will immediately put together a plan of action. This includes identifying the extent of the storm damage, addressing potential safety hazards, and determining if temporary repairs may be required such as roof tarps and board ups. The Lead Responder will take photos of your property for you and your insurer. At this point, you may need to sign a work authorization before we can begin working on your property.

Step 3
Temporary Repairs

Our team of storm damage specialists will begin performing temporary repairs. This could include boarding up doors and broken windows, tarping a roof to prevent water damage from rain, or even setting up structural support for a damaged wall or column. Any safety risks such as fallen trees or electrical hazards will be identified and blocked off until they can be made safe. If necessary, temporary fencing will be set up to prevent unwanted accidental or malicious intrusion onto your property.

Storm damage happens quickly, and damage can spread even quicker.

Our emergency response teams are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wind Damage

High wind speeds and strong gusts of wind can be a real nuisance. When you notice blown off shingles or pieces of siding in your yard, you actually have multiple issues.

The direct issue is that your roof is missing shingle(s), or your home is missing siding. This itself is a problem, but one that can quickly lead to bigger problems such as water and mold. Most homes have an underlayment under their roof and siding, but not all of them. This secondary line of defense can help protect against water coming in, but time, tears, and nail holes often allow water to get through as it rains.

If left unchecked, this water can lead to mold in your walls or attic – mold which you likely won’t even realize is there. This mold will continue to grow and spread over time, and can cause serious health issues for yourself and your family.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be a big problem. When it hits your roof, siding, and gutters, many people in the industry refer to it as cosmetic damage. The truth is that it’s not. When hail hits your shingles, it knocks off granules, which can accelerate the deterioration of those shingles. When it hits your siding and gutters, it can scratch and chip the paint, as well as cause dents. This can lead to paint peeling and cracking faster than it normally would. When it hits your windows they can crack and/or shatter.

Call us. We’ll send out an experienced technician to inspect your home, identify any hail impact marks, and get you the information and options you need to move forward.

Fallen Tree

If a tree branch or an entire tree has fallen on your home this is likely a covered loss. If the tree has fallen in your yard away from the house, it may or may not be covered in your policy. Most times there might be a limited dollar amount per tree to remove no matter how large the tree.

Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes can cause a lot of damage to your home and its electrical system and its electronics that are plugged in. The damage is referred to as a power surge and it is covered under many insurance policies. You must read your insurance policy for your coverage.

Downed Power Line

If a down power line is in your yard contact your electric company immediately and do not let anyone go in your yard or touch anything in the entire area. If the power line has fallen on your home it could cause a fire and I would call 911 and have the fire department and the electrical company respond to the scene.

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We had a hail storm in April and they came out to our house and evaluated the damage, they replaced our roofs, they were very professional, reliable and great price. I highly recommend them, easy to contact also.

Lisa P.

Having worked with Joe and his team over the last several years, I could not give any higher recommendation. Joe and his team are laser-guided on all things construction-related. Quality, hard-working, resourceful, diligent, knowledgeable, accountable, timely, and efficient are only a few of many words to describe Constructeam. Call Constructeam First!!! They will Restore It Right!

Ken S.

Their various teams were professional, positive and efficient! I have no complaints… all our little headaches were addressed appropriately. We will use them again! Loved Andrea and all her help!

Elizabeth L.

My Home or Business was affected by Storm Damage. Now What?

Storm damage can be devastating and can cause severe damage to your home, neighborhood, business and community. When a tornado, high winds, lightning, or ice storms roll through the losses come in mass and everyone is affected at one time. It will take a contractor with experience to handle such issues, the financial resources to handle multiple claims without insurance company assistance and the willingness to lend a hand to those in need during difficult times.

Making the right decisions and understanding the process at this point is mission-critical and will dictate the process going forward. Our free guide will assist you in making the right moves from the start. Please understand that every situation is different and will require special instructions based on your personal situation.

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